Best Cricket Bats You Can Buy In India

Cricket is the sport which is dominated by the batsmen.  In this modern era of the game, the standard of batting and the range of shots has increased extremely. Nowadays, the credit goes to batsmen for the use of technology when manufacturing the standard cricket bats. Before, the legends like Viv Richards and Sunil Gavaskar played cricket with thinner, heavier and also required lot of strength from the batsman’s to smash the ball out of the ground. So, now it has become relatively easy for batsman’s to play with very thick, light-weighted and effortless to hit the ball long way by just applying less power. Also, there many manufacturers who are making best cricket bats India in terms of quality and other things. Below are the top cricket bats for leather ball.

SG Cobra Select

This bat has a better standard material which is used for manufacturing the SG Sierra 250 cricket bat. The bat will have very thick edges and curved blades with a toe protector at the bottom.  So, this kind of bats is used for players who wants to time the ball on every occasion. The grip has the excellent control for handling the bat and weighs around 1180-1250 grams.


This kind of bat is suitable for T20 cricket, mainly for power hitters who wants to smash the ball cleanly from ball one only. So, the bat edges around 39-40mm thick and weighs around 1140-1180g which is light weight to use. The cricket bat has the soft grip for handle at top which is like a spring.

Spartan MSD 7 Limited Edition

This bat is one of the very good cricket bats which is generally used for white leather ball. This bat has been used by one of the best finishers in the cricketing world MS Dhoni over the years. So, the bat provides stability to the batsman for hitting and power to smash the ball. The Spartan MSD 7 limited edition is the best cricket bats India available who wants to play attacking shots with timing and perfection.

Cricket bat is the most important equipment part for the cricket players who wants to score runs at the decent pace and there are best cricket bats India available in the market for scoring frequently. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about top cricket bats for leather ball. Thanks for reading!

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